Yellow & Blue Created Diamond Earrings

Yellow && Blue Created Diamond Earrings

These man made, created diamond earrings are featured in blue and yellow colors and set in 14 Karat, white gold, four claw settings.

Laboratory created, colored diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and optical characteristics as mined diamonds. These created diamonds are available in yellow, orange and blue colors. These man made, colored diamonds are considerably more affordable than mined colored diamonds. Michael Drechsler Jewelry makes the world of fancy colored diamonds more accessible.

We carry inventory of color matched yellow, yellow-orange, and blue, created diamonds in round brilliant cut. These earrings available from 0.50, 0.66, 0.80 1.00, 1.20 1.32 carats, earring total diamond weight.
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Yellow && Blue Created Diamond Earrings

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